About AFCB!

Completely Allergy Free food for everyone! Every recipe is dairy free, gluten free, egg free, soy free, and nut free. I am a mother of two little ones and the allergies my family are dairy, gluten, egg, & soy. In the past 8 years I adjusted to cooking allergy free in my home and I wanted to pass my knowledge and ease onto others. My goal is for people with allergies to easily make anything they desire and feel great satisfaction in eating healthy, allergy free foods.I hope you enjoy my recipes!
If you’d like to email me you can reach me at info@allergyfreecookingbaby.com


Classes and Health Coaching

Allergy Free Cooking, Baby! is proud to present Allergy Free cooking classes, health coaching and workshops. These programs are available in person if in the NYC area or via skype or phone.
For more information you can visit www.highfunctioningfamily.com or email me at Juarline@highfunctioningfamily.com